Two male guinea pigs , both born on Christmas 2017 Looking for a loving home ...$20 dollars for both obo Text Tracy @ (949) 266-4699
Quincy and Ruby are looking for their forever home. Quincy was abandoned in the Pasadena area. He bonded with Ruby 1 of the Mt Roubidoux rescue bunnies. They love each other but would like to have some 'hoomin' touch! Indoor home only
Willoughby, a cute, small, somewhat timid boy until he trusts you (which doesn't take long) will be at and adoptions this weekend. He is about 1 year old and was surrendered when a military family was deployed. He will sleep on your chest or by your side for as long as you like if you let him.
Bryson is a large 3 yr old rabbit rescued from a SoCal park. He had a wifey but she passed away. So, he may do well with another female but he would be okay as a single bun too.
Blanchette was dumped and rescued along with six other rabbits on April 1, 2015 at a park that is monitored daily where frequent rabbit dumping occurs. She is bonded to Alston they must be adopted together She is all healed and spayed and ready to be adopted. She is bonded with Alston so they need to be adopted together. Please email for an application or send your phone number for a call back....
Big Shirley was rescued from large hoarding situation in Cypress in September 2016. She is a large bun and about 2 yrs old.
Dwarf hotot and lion head mixture with,the little tuft of fur on forehead. Rescued as a neighborhood stray. Approx 1 yr old male. A little shy at 1st but will sit on your lap as long as you have time to pet him. Could be bonded with a female.
CYAN (ID A037191) is a gray-and-white spayed female lionhead lop. She was about 2 mons old when she arrived at the shelter in January 2017. Cyan was a matted mess when she arrived at the shelter. She had 2 huge mats with wood shavings tangled in her flowingly long fur around her head and in her skirt. After an hour-and-a-half of combing, she turned out to be quite a lovely bun. Cyan is a nervou...
BUBBLES (ID 038130) is a lovable neutered male lionhead lop with lovely gray markings. He was about 3 mons old when he was dumped at the shelter in June 2017. Bubbles is a little shy but not too difficult to handle. He isn't crazy about being picked up, but would rather be left to his own devices. He doesn't mind a few pets now and then. Bubbles would make a sweet and fun house bunny addition t...
BLOSSOM (ID A038129) is an lovable female lionhead lop, white with gray tips. She was about three months old when she was dumped at the shelter in June 2017. Blossom is an active little girl - a little shy around new people but easy to handle and doesn't mind being held. She's curious and likes to explore new spaces. Blossom has nice litterbox habits and will be a fun addition to a loving indoo...
BUTTERCUP (ID A038131) is a very cute young, spayed female seal-point gray miniature lop. She was about three months old when she was dumped at the shelter. Buttercup is very active and curious but is a bit nervous still when being handled. She doesn't trust humans much yet, although she will likely improve with lots of positive interactions. She doesn't mind pets for short spans of time, but s...
MARIAH (ID A037902) is a stunning chocolate-and-white spayed female rex rabbit. She was about one year old when she arrived at the shelter in May 2017. Mariah is an amazing girl - wonderfully soft, super-friendly, easygoing, and absolutely loves everyone! She's easy to pick up, easy to handle, loves lots of pets, and comes running up to greet anyone who comes to see her. She has nice litterbox ...
TEAL (ID A037192) is a young neutered male orange-and-white lionhead lop. He was about 6 mons old when he arrived at the shelter in January 2017. Teal is a fairly outgoing boy. He's a little skittish until he's picked up, at which point he becomes a mellow ball of fluff. He's super wonderful and has improving litterbox habits now that he's been neutered. Teal will make a nice house bunny, espec...
MERLIN (ID A036860) is an agouti-and-white, blue-eyed Dutch neutered male rabbit. He was transferred from the Orange County Animal rescue shelter in November 2016 as part of the shelter's A Rescue Mission program. He was 1 of several hundred rabbits brought into the OC shelter from a single residence. Although Merlin's a bit shy due to lack of handling, he's actually a really adorable bunny who...
FREDDIE (ID A035976) is a neutered male dwarf mixture ruby-eyed white rabbit. He's an amazing little guy - 1 of the rare bunnies who lives for pets, and runs up to you hoping to get your attention. If you sit near him, he'll come up to snuggle and ask for pets. He would be a perfect bunny for a 1st-time owner. Freddie has nice litterbox habits and is waiting for a family to love! Please review ...
MALAIA (ID #A018192) is a gorgeous brown mixed-breed spayed female rabbit. She is strikingly stunning with a cocoa brown coat dotted with tan highlights. She was in a bonded situation so is very amenable to bonding. She's a little timid, but really adorable, and very intelligent. She doesn't mind being held and petted once you can catch her. She will really blossom in a home where she's handled...
Ruby & Qunicy are a bonded pair. Ruby is 1 of the babies rescued at the base of Mt Rubidoux. They were abandoned by a person selling them. They love each other and hope to find their forever home soon. They are a bit shy but will warm up to your TLC
Roux is another bunny that was in the group abandoned at the base of Mt Rubidoux.. He is a bit shy and needs someone to bring him out of his shell. He loves his playtime but does not like to be picked up tho I'm sure with TLC he will be a sweetie! Please give him a loving home or try bonding with a companion. Indoor home only
Seven Years old with helicopter ears. Funny, precious, spunky. OK as single or could bond with a single female. Rescued from living in a bird cage for 7 yesrs without ever having his nails trimmed. Happy boy with a nice spirit despite his sad background. His funny antics will melt your heart.
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