20-Jul-2018Riverside, CA(16 miles)Education Jobs
Hi! I am student at UC Riverside studying mathematics. I have prior background as a math tutor through the AVID program in high-school and have continued tutoring in college as an on campus tutor. My goal is to make math the simplest subject and to ignite an intrinsic love for the subject through application to problems relevant to life outside of class.
20-Jul-2018Riverside, CA(16 miles)Education Jobs
I am a holder of a Bsc degree in biochemistry and have been teaching chemistry in high-school for more than 5yrs . I conduct a lot a of chemistry laboratory exercise during this time of teaching including both qualitative and quantitative analysis . I have a strong mastery of high-school chemistry especially organic chemistry.
20-Jul-2018Riverside, CA(16 miles)Education Jobs
I grew up in China in an American household, and have been put through 15yrs of Chinese school education. As a result, I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and know how to teach it both as a foreign language, and a 1st language. Over the course of my time in China, I have learned how to teach different languages to students who do not have those languages as their 1st languages. For the longest tim...
20-Jul-2018Moreno Valley, CA(18 miles)Education Jobs
Hello there, To start my name is Duane. I was previously a graduate student at University of California, Riverside (UCR) where I graduated with my Master's degree in Chemistry. While at UCR I was a teaching assistant for Organic chemistry and General Chemistry. I enjoyed my office hours where I could help students in groups or one-on-one with specific problems. I am a friendly energetic person,...
20-Jul-2018Moreno Valley, CA(18 miles)Education Jobs
I have worked with kids since I was 13yrs old. I taught them numbers, colors, sentences, some spanish numbers and words, reading, how to write their names. Taking them to play outside and inside, teaching them games how to throw and how to catch, we did nap times. Fed them lunch breakfast and dinner
20-Jul-2018Moreno Valley, CA(18 miles)Education Jobs
Bachelors in Cognitive Science. CBEST certified. Background tutoring one-on-one and in groups Grades K-10 Math and Language Arts. Very effective at teaching interactive lessons and tutoring with helpful math and reading strategies. Proficient in Spanish (5 courses): mild comprehension and conversational. Extensive knowledge of human cognition; how the brain functions, thinks, and learns. Great ...
20-Jul-2018Moreno Valley, CA(18 miles)Education Jobs
Hello All! My name is Andrea Smith. I have many years of tutoring background in English, Mathematics, and Technical skills. I was an exemplary student throughout High-school and College. I attended Louisiana State University on a full scholarship to play softball. I completed 3yrs of academics at LSU before transferring to California State University of San Bernardino where I was a Member of Be...
20-Jul-2018Riverside, CA(16 miles)Education Jobs
Hello! I am a senior Human Biology student at Biola University. I have background working with children and middle school aged students. In addition, I have been employed as an anatomy teacher's assistant at my university. I love being able to help students understand the concepts and use different strategies to memorize the information.
20-Jul-2018Riverside, CA(16 miles)Education Jobs
Salma Khan is Creative Writing major at UCR nearly a senior and graduating in Fall 2016 school year. Her degree emphasis is in poetic fiction since she have background in writing poems about God, which I have published through iUniverse. She has adept skills in math up to Calculus BC. She has done tutoring for 2 companies, California Lutheran University Upper bound program in Thousand Oaks, Cal...
20-Jul-2018Corona, CA(11 miles)Education Jobs
I have over 15 yrs background in teaching and tutoring children ages K-9. I have strong Math skills due to working in the architecture field for several years. I love teaching and the challenges that it brings. I am also an accomplished artist so I can teach art to your student as well. (its great for home schoolers).
20-Jul-2018Temecula, CA(19 miles)Education Jobs
I am a certified special education teacher and I teach using direct explicit instruction. I have taught high-school math and science to high functioning students as well as students with autism. I have taught at a non public school for students with behaviors and I teach at a local district. I can relate and teach to students of all abilities. I am highly recommended and have a letter of recomm...
20-Jul-2018Moreno Valley, CA(18 miles)Education Jobs
I have over 20yrs background teaching students from kindergarten through college level. I specialize in math, but enjoy working in science and reading comprehension. Students say they like my teaching because I explain things in a simple way that they can understand. I have five children and twelve grandchildren and have taught them all to be better students and people. I have traveled across t...
20-Jul-2018Riverside, CA(16 miles)Education Jobs
Hi! For much of my life, I taught others. I have a fierce ambition for teaching; I love it so much I'm currently pursuing a career in education. I mostly specialize in teaching children and teens, but can work with any age group as I'm socially adept and flexible. I grew up tutoring my siblings, peers, and their siblings. I officially worked 2 teaching jobs for a short month when I started coll...
20-Jul-2018Riverside, CA(16 miles)Education Jobs
Currently a student at UC Riverside majoring in Media and Cultural Studies. I was a member of California Scholarship Federation and logged over 100 hours of tutoring fellow students in need of some extra help.
20-Jul-2018Corona, CA(11 miles)Education Jobs
Hi, My name is Vanessa and I am a recent graduate with a Bachelors degree in Chemistry from the University of San Diego. Throughout my college career, I have tutored students ranging from elementary school to high-school. In addition, I have provided AP Chemistry prep to high-school students.
20-Jul-2018Riverside, CA(16 miles)Education Jobs
I am a recent graduate of CSU: Long Beach where I graduated with a B.M. in Music Education. I am currently finishing the Single Subject Credential Program at CSULB as well, and hope to begin teaching this coming school year. I am alumni from Riverside City College and Jurupa Valley High-school. Although I went to college for music education, I have had some work background tutoring students at ...
20-Jul-2018Menifee, CA(12 miles)Education Jobs
I am a UCLA graduate with a degree in Psychobiology (B.S.). I have extensive background in tutoring Math and Science from basic math and arithmetic, Algebra 1/2, Trig and Pre-calculus, Calculus AB/BC. I also have great background in tutoring and teaching Written correspondence expertise, Language Arts and English and literature. I have over 8yrs background working with all grade levels, as well...
20-Jul-2018Temecula, CA(19 miles)Education Jobs
Hi! I'm originally from California and I went to school in BYU-I. I graduated with a degree in English in 2014, and after I graduated, I went to work for a publishing company. I quit in December 2015 to begin teaching for the Provo school district. It's really important to me that people feel good about themselves, and when I tutor or teach people, I really enjoy watching people gain confidence...
I am currently a high-school student who is ranked in the top 25 students in my grade for academic excellence. I passed the CAHSEE with a perfect score in English. I am enrolled in english classes at a community college. I received the all school award for advanced placement language and composition. I am comfortable teaching lower level math, which I consider to be algebra one and below.
20-Jul-2018Moreno Valley, CA(18 miles)Education Jobs
I am currently a Marine Biology major and I have just finished Biology 11: Introduction to cellular and molecular biology. I absolutely love biology. Life is fascinating and I can't get enough of it. I would love to help you find the beauty in life.
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